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My Ideas..For the server and forum...(Recommended for YOU)

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My Ideas..For the server and forum...(Recommended for YOU)

Post  AgentHani on Fri May 10, 2013 12:53 am

Hello Guys,This is Agent Hani and i am going to say that,
I have alots of ideas for the forum and server...I think it would be helpful for u guys..
For Forums:-
1)Can we add a basetopic Called:"Idea's And Tutorials","Leaving F2?","Rules",Activity And Inactivity
I know that the server is new but something is missing and it would be important...
"Idea's and Tutorials"
We can make this base topic for Posting their Ideas about servers and forums,Tutorials on How to do this and that...
"Leaving F2?"
We can make this base topic for posting their leavings in F2...
"Activity and Inactivity check"
Cant we create another base topic called Activity And Inactivity check so That members should post on which Day/week/month/year They could be active or inactive..
Well i dont see rules topic in the forum :s,We must create a rules base topic so that every members should understand what to do in the forums and server and respect it..
2)My Ideas for the Server:-Advertise,Protection,Player Slots,Bots,Admin Levels
Advertisement:Maybe I or We should Advertise this server on the Internet for Attracting more players..Perhaps I have Youtube account and i think i will advertise this server for more players,
Protection:I dont Maybe if this server has qmm Version for Hacking protection or twc_scumbuster Becausse most of the hackers can hack the server if the server is without the qmm protection and we can add twc_scumbuster which is created by TWC servers..this scumbuster version helps to Block Hacking commands..
Player Slots:We might add the player slots to 20 for more extra players and bots..
Bots:Can we add 8 bots?
Admin Levels:I decide that maybe we can Add Admin levels in a normal way Like this:-
2-Allied Clan
3-TryOut Member
5-Xpert Member
12-General Owner
13-Supreme Owner
My idea for Recruitment Rules is:-
Well umm you guys recruit me so fast because the server was new.
But maybe day by day members would increase so we must add recruitment rules..
Recruiting Rules:-
1)First of all They should get 2k xp.
2)When they got 2k xp they must Post Application on the forums and put [R] beside their name so recruiters can take em tryout
3)Tryout should be 2/9 and if they lost then they can wait for 2 days to try again.
4)When they passed the tryout,They can be member and should be respectful and never ask for Level admins..
5)Promotions can be opened in weekends.
6)Recruiters should BE ACTIVE.
Ok i posted my mind here and so what you guys think about that?


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Re: My Ideas..For the server and forum...(Recommended for YOU)

Post  GueVara on Fri May 10, 2013 10:54 pm

Dear Hani,

I highly recommend you to have a search through our forum.
We´ve got rules in our F2 section.
We´ve got a seperate section for suggestions, which probably equals your idea´s?
But since you just recently got your member level at the forum you might have been not able to see them?

Currently we're perfectly capable of kicking inactive members because of the low amount of them. Later on it may be useful.
I've been thinking aswell of a tutorial forum, but since I had no tutorials available I didn't push through. But if you've got some nice tutorials then please mention those and we can create a forum for that.

But I've to agree with you about the leaving section. We haven't got any, and it might be useful to have one.

About the server. You're free to advertise for our clan, but you're not allowed to recruit from other servers. So yes you're allowed to.

The levellist is quite normal and I think it's decent enough to keep

Later on we're going to activate the trial period, but since we highly need members atm we have a lower entrance barrier.

Thanks for you thoughts


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Re: My Ideas..For the server and forum...(Recommended for YOU)

Post  Cobra on Sat May 11, 2013 4:20 am

totally agree'd with Guevara.

Good Post !

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Sorry Guys.

Post  AgentHani on Sat May 11, 2013 9:32 am

Sorry guys i must leave the server because i think i am going to rejoin my old clan..
so i am truly sorry

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Re: My Ideas..For the server and forum...(Recommended for YOU)

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