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The captain goes always down with the ship

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The captain goes always down with the ship

Post  GueVara on Thu Jun 06, 2013 5:05 am

Dear F2-members and related,

And as you can see on the right of this topic; both servers are down. I cannot assume that our clan is going to keep up without any server. Therefore I won't ask people to buy us and server, and I'm not going to buy them myself due to a lack of time. I won't ask you because I'm sure that with the current devotion to our clan it has no use to waste any more money. Thus I won't blame Cobra. The only thing I can do I mentioning that both servers are down, the is no need to continue, and therefore the clan can be pronounced dead.

As far as I´m going to use metaphors I see the servers as our ship. Technically we had 2 ships, but never mind that. I, as captain, choose, because of the closing of our servers, and the current devotion, to go down with the ship. I don't have enough time to get this clan running again, and I'm not sure if it's worth it. Therefore I'm reassigning as co-owner of this clan.

I'm sure some of you will try to start another clan in the future, and I allow you to use the tag and name. I even want to help you to maintain this forum, or help you starting up. But anyway; the clan is free to take.

Thanks for your effort and kindness through this short period of time. I'm hoping to get involved with you another time, another place. I'm always open to help, or to have a chat.


Cpt. Guevara

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Thanks all

Post  Haddy on Thu Jun 06, 2013 9:27 pm

first of all i want to thank you and cobra for hte chance you guys gave me to become recuiting its to bad i failed. thanks to all my new friends it was an honor to play with all of you i hope we can keep in contact.

Thanks for your friendships and thanks for the chance you gave me and again sorry that i failed. Sad

Thanks for all,

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