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Rules of |F2|

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Rules of |F2|

Post  GueVara on Fri Dec 24, 2010 1:25 pm

Server rules:

1. Do not ask for admin level's or being an adminhunter, it will only demote you.
2. Do not spam the main-chat, same with voice requests
3.SK(spawn kill) With heavy weapons. Artillery, or support fire. Is not allowed!
4.Respect the server players and members, especially admins.
5.Using commands such as "!Next" !Glow" !Shuffle" !Panzerwar " Etc. Isn't allowed with out voting. This counts for almost all the commands
6.NO WALL-HACKS/AIM-BOTS or any kind of hacks.
7.Wall-jumping and no Trick-jumping is not allowed!
8.English in main chat only. (You can speak any language in TEAM CHAT, FIRE-TEAM,PM).
9.Insulting server players(Yes that includes everyone who plays there!) Is not allowed.
10.We all got our own abilities. Some people are better, some people are smarter...but just respect the fact that we're one big family!
11.Be active. If you've a good reason, post it at 'absence reports'. If you don't we expect you as member being active at both forum and in the server.
12.Our clan is a family. You can have your fights with your sister or brother, but you need to fix it somehow. Family is family. If you've a problem, you can always talk to the staff and they'll help you. Hopefully you'll all do the same. You don't lie to your family.

The last rule : HAVE FUN ON OUR SERVERS!

Forum rules:
No swearing: Using offensive,coarse, language. Posting abusive, hateful, racist content in forum, is prohibited under any circumstances. Any kind of flaming, threatening or insulting language directed at other members, is prohibited on server and on forums.Attempts to pose as an admin, using an Admin's name without prior consent and threatening sanctions is not allowed. Names should contain no swear or sexist words.
No spaming: Spaming a thread will get you first time warned, second: muted, third: banned and deleted.

We expect you behave yourself like a decent person and follow these rules!

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